Meals for the Homeless
1:00 PM13:00

Meals for the Homeless

Who is Hussain? NYC/NJ is teaming up with Muslims against Hunger to feed the homeless in NJ. We will start with afternoon prayers and lunch at 1pm. At 2pm we will start to prepare the meals before we head out at 5pm to deliver the meals. We are open to taking donations to help cover the costs for the meals. 

HUNGER VAN will arrive at the host location with all the supplies and one meal prep Supervisor/Coach

- Volunteers will be instructed by the Supervisor/Coach; what to do and how to prepare meals to go on the HUNGER VAN

- It would take 2 to 3 hours to complete the meal prep project

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Water Bottle Collection to Flint CRSIS
to Feb 7

Water Bottle Collection to Flint CRSIS

  • 7310 saint Andrew's church Rd Louisville KY 40214 (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

who is hussain
In the name of Imam hussain we are collecting water for the city of flint in Michigan. Anyone would like to donate a box off water please bring it to the address below .thank you and Allah will bless you all.

7310 saint Andrew's church Rd Louisville KY 40214


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1:00 PM13:00

Drive Against Hunger

Who Is Hussain Michigan team will be having a Drive Against Hunger in collaboration with the Hunger Van and Youth of Wisdom . We are packing 300 meals to be delivered to the homeless in our neighborhoods. all those who want to join are welcome to give a helping hand.
If you'd like to contribute to the cause, please donate at$whoishussainmichigan
memo: Hunger van

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to Jan 31

who is Hussain NY/NJ team Blanket Drive


Please join us in NYC in handing out warm clothes and blankets to the homeless. Volunteers under 18yrs of age must be accompanied by a parent.

You can help with the cause by:
1. Donating funds for the purchase of new blankets (costing $1190.40)
2. Donating washed and cleaned coats, jackets, gloves, ear warmers, winter hats etc.
3. Volunteering with the collection, pre-event preps, and at the event.

We are putting together a list of collection locations which will be posted soon. For further information, please contact us via our facebook or email us at

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WIH Indiana January Blood Drive
9:00 AM09:00

WIH Indiana January Blood Drive

  • Zainabia Community Center Indianapolis (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

There's an urgent need for blood units, the blood center currently has a low inventory of ALL blood types.

Help us make a difference and donate blood for those who desperately need it.

Who Is Hussain? - Indiana will be hosting a blood drive at the Zainabia Community Center on Saturday, January 23rd. Anyone who is capable of donating blood or volunteering is invited to participate. Please join us and invite others to serve humanity! Blood is meant to circulate. Give blood. Save lives. #WhoisHussain #HussainInspires #blooddrive #hope#humanity #Indiana

Note: This is an apolitical and nonreligious unified humanitarian cause.

If you have any questions please contact us via FB messaging or email:

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to Mar 30

30,000 Water Bottles for Flint

Who Is Hussain is running a campaign to donate safe drinking water bottles to help residents of Flint in the current water crisis. If you'd like to donate a few crates of water, you will be helping someone with life's basic necessity. 
Inspired by Hussain son of Ali, and his compassion for others, whose family was denied this very basic right , WIH Michigan is trying to help their neighbors through these tough times. 
If you want your university and work place to be listed as a drop off location, Please message us. Stay updated at this event page. 
Drop off locations: 
Islamic House of Wisdom
22575 Ann Arbor Trail, Dearborn Heights, MI
Blue Diamond Limosine
5405 Oakman Desrborn michigan 48126
IMAM 22000 Garrison st. Dearborn Mich 48124
Islamic Institute of Knowledge
6345 Schaefer Rd, Dearborn, MI
Zainabia Center , Crumb rd, Commerce
Islamic Library of Dearborn

Great Revelations and Wise Academy and Maya parents of students please deposit donations at your respective schools. 

WIH will start delivering water from Jan 17 th until March 30 and continue as needed. 
If your interested in giving monetary donation for convenience instead of water crates, please donate at$WhoIsHussainMichigan 
Note: Flint Water Crisis
pay via PayPal at
Please text or email at the email above if you want to drop off water to us or would like to help

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to Sep 30

8th Annual UIW Season of Peace and Justice Month Research Symposium

Its an annual conference held by University of Incarnate World on Peace and Justice. Bottles along with stickers, pamphlets on Who Is Hussain will be distributed. Also if time permits a short speech will be delivered to know about Hussain and how this man became the epitome of Peace and Justice and how this man inspired millions around the world.

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to Oct 24

WIH-Denver Muharram Drive

Who Is Hussain? Denver is partnering with the Family Promise of Greater Denver to donate 20 welcome home packages for 20 homeless families getting off the streets and moving into their new homes. Our goal is to gather these packages before the day of Ashura, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hussain (as).

Here’s how you can help:
1. Make one or a few welcome home package(s) with your family and drop it off at LFC before Ashura.
2. Donate approximately $112-120 so that WIH can purchase the items and put a package together.
3. Buy any of the items listed below and donate it for the cause and WIH will complete the package.

The next time you go shopping for your household, remember those who are not fortunate enough to afford basic items to put in their homes. These families are getting on their own feet and off the streets… Lets help them!

A Welcome Home Package consists of:
A Towel set
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Laundry basket
Dish soap
Toilet cleaner
Toilet brush
House cleaning products: Glass Cleaner, Lysol…

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Water Bottles & Roses – San Antonio, Texas
10:00 AM10:00

Water Bottles & Roses – San Antonio, Texas

Who is Hussain campaign will be there on Aug 15 in San Antonio, Texas. This will be the first event in San Antonio under the banner of Who Is Hussain Global organization. We will be distributing bottles along with roses and some goodies to the people who will stop by at our stall. There will be a 2-3 mins speech also on Hussain in the eyes of world leaders.

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Blood Drive, Chicago
9:00 PM21:00

Blood Drive, Chicago

Salam Alikom All
We Need Your Support!

We would like to host an American Red Cross Blood Drive, in the name of Hussain on his molud. On Sunday May 24, 2015 at Westin O'hair hotel. In order to schedule the drive, we need a minimum of 30 people interested in donating blood, to register first ASAP. Let’s come together and become partners in saving lives, in the name of Hussain!

  •  If you are at least 17 years old,
  • 16 years old with a signed Red Cross parental/guardian consent form where state permits,
  • weigh at least 110 pounds and are in good health, you may be eligible to give blood. High school students and other donors 18 years old and younger must also meet other height and weight requirements. Giving blood is safe, simple and helps save lives. Each pint of blood that is donated may be helping as many as three people.

The American Red Cross is the largest single provider of blood in the country. They provide blood to 3,000 hospitals across the country. About 38,000 people need blood each day in the United States. Those people count on volunteer donors to give them a chance at life.

Please sign up onlin: 


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Shamrock Shuffle, Chicago
11:30 AM11:30

Shamrock Shuffle, Chicago

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