New Orleans Team Hygiene Packages For Local Homeless

Who is Hussain New Orleans team spent this past weekend packaging and distributing hygiene packages for local homeless folks living under city bridges. Unfortunately the number of homeless citizens have increased over the years in New Orleans, affecting the Who is Hussain team to form a plan of action. About 6 members came together on this past weekend to package and distribute our hygiene assortments. Included in the packages were tangerines, granola bars, hand wipes, an oral hygiene kit, deodorant, comb, and nail filer.

Most of the individuals were surprised to see young children come offer their assistance, and even more so when they began to speak about how Hussan ibn Ali inspires them to love and take care of all in need. Most were greatly touched by the message of Karbala and were sincerely appreciative for the efforts the Who is Hussain teams are working towards accomplishing globally. 
Thank you to all those who helped in this initiative, and furthermore in living under the model of Hussain ibn Ali.